About Renier Rademeyer

Whether you need to perform better in your career, increase your confidence or get a perfect balance in your life, life coaching is for you. I take a whole person approach and help you unravel your own unconscious beliefs and preferences in the way you behave and communicate these. My personal style of coaching is honest and straightforward. During the coaching sessions, I like to challenge my clients using powerful questions. This facilitates examination of core beliefs, issues and obstacles, all of which are components to work on during the coaching process.

As your personal coach, I will give you the space and support needed to bring about positive change. You will have the freedom to talk things through and discuss how you want to feel, behave and what you want to achieve. Through careful, intuitive questioning and fresh perspectives, we will unpeel the layers to give you clarity and focus. Following this will be the practical steps to move you forward to where you want to be or who you want to be.

At the end of the coaching process we will be able to see tangible results as a direct consequence of the change that happened within. In addition, you will derive the following benefits;


Develop wisdom, greater resilience and emotional intelligence, creating the leader within.


Achieving greater understanding and clarity on what success is for you.


Finding meaning and balance in your life.


Clear limiting beliefs and emotions that are holding you back.


Activate the power of your mind, leverage your strengths and manage your weaknesses.


Develop your edge by aligning your values, optimal mental triggers and skills.

Training, Qualifications & Experience


Held executive management positions in a range of industries, and recently served on the Board of Directors of a large insurance company.


I have 24 years of coaching experience.


Visiting Lecturer in Strategy Development and Leadership Development at Rhodes University for a number of years.


International assignments undertaken in Africa, Australia and Seychelles.

Professional Registrations

Chartered HR Practitioner (Generalist) with the SA Board of Personnel Practice (SABPP). Registered Coaching and Mentoring Practitioner – SA (COMENSA)