Pricing & Packages

'Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.' Dalai Lama

We all know that life can be difficult with many challenges but with Life Coaching and time you’ll make life changes and find new happiness. All you need is a passion and drive for change and commitment to take action. As individuals we all invest money to inject a bit of happiness into our lives, such as:

Trip to the beauty salon

Round of golf or Gym membership


Retail therapy

These treats make us feel happier but are short lived. When you return to your normal life and routine, nothing much has changed. Life Coaching is an investment into your life and future – a lasting change. It’s an investment you can’t afford to miss. So treat yourself to some permanent happiness with a package of Life or Career Coaching.

Life coaching sessions start from as little as R480 per session and sessions are normally about 60 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Personal Life Coach?

A Personal Life Coach is someone who is qualified to support, encourage, challenge and motivate you to achieve your goals. Coaching will allow you to uncover your goals, focus on the steps you need to follow to achieve them and release potential within you that you have been unaware of. Broken down into a series of sessions, coaching will give you the luxury of regular time and space to explore what you really want from life.

What happens during a coaching session?

During each session we will recap on the actions set and achieved from the last session and look at general progress and successes. We will then set a ‘session goal’ to clearly set out what you want to achieve by the end of that day’s session. We then explore where you are at the moment with that particular goal; what you have tried; what has worked and any obstacles you have come across along the way. We then develop a strategy to meet to set goal.

How does coaching differ from therapy?

Both coaching and therapy involve confidential conversations between two people. The main difference is that coaching focuses on the present and the future, whereas therapy often involves a lot of thinking and talking about the past.

How many Life Coaching sessions will I need?

This depends on what you want to achieve with your coaching. Most people come to a Personal Coach with a life changing goal in mind. In order to achieve this we set smaller goals that need to be achieved during each session. This will move you closer to your overall goal. For some people this may take as little as six sessions and for others it will be more. It is a very personal decision based on your individual goal.

Can I speak to you before booking a session?

Yes, of course. See Free Session.

Where do we meet?

I work with my private clients in my office at 2 Kanonkop Bloemhof, Cape Town, 7530, South Africa. I also do work via Skype but prefer to work face-to-face whenever possible. GPS Coordinates

Will there be homework?

Only if we both agree there are tasks that you should do between sessions that will be helpful.

Will I have to prepare anything before we meet?

No, unless you want to. Basically, you should just be prepared to talk to me about what is important to you.

Can I contact you outside of our sessions?

Yes, by all means. It is fine to touch base briefly between meetings. You can drop me an email or text at any point and I shall respond as soon as I can.

Is there anything that is not OK to talk about?

No, not from my perspective. I am happy to explore anything that is important to you.

Are our conversations confidential?

Yes, totally.

Is it better to book blocks of sessions?

There are 5%, 7.5% and 10% discounts if you decide to book either a block of 6, 9 or 12 sessions, respectively. We then arrange the session dates to best suit you