“The higher the position, the greater the expectations”. A combination of leadership, confidence, competence, and social acumen project an image of someone who should be taken seriously and who has the ability to influence others

Such key individuals have the maximum leverage for change – they provide the leadership and role models for the rest of the organization. They are under the greatest pressure, and are more likely to suffer from stress and an out of balance work/home life.

There is no such thing as a natural born leader, which is why leadership development is such a critical component of the world’s most successful companies. There is a process to becoming a leader, and leadership development enables individuals to identify and improve on qualities which can make them a great leader. A well-designed process helps managers to develop their leadership qualities and become more productive. It is essential for corporations, not only at the top positions in a company, but also for up-and-coming leaders.

There are tough consequences to not getting it right. A study by Bain and Company shows that companies that wholeheartedly practice leadership management, gave their shareholders a 10% per year better return than those that had done nothing, and 5% per year better return than the firms that had made an average effort. Having a brilliant strategy worked out is critical, but will be meaningless unless you have the right leaders in the right roles to put the strategy into play.